CH Sagebrush's Blue Point

Owned by: Bonnie Finelli Sherri Del Pozo & Nancy Sumida & Marcy Lew

Thank you Bonnie for sharing Blue with us.  She is one happy girl and a joy to live with.

 Blue finished quickly, guided to all of her points by Diana Butts.  Thank you Diana for your care and for showing Blue.



 OFA: SH-16835G60F-VPI    SHOR: SH-8695/12-97


   Gray and white Female
   Blue eyes
                                   				CH. ROCKLAND'S STARR ATTRACTION 
                   					CH. SNOWFIRE'S HOT STUFF
                                 				                	 CH. SNOWFIRE'S CENTERFOLD 
               				CH. SEEONEE'S POINT BLANK
                                  						CH. KRISTARI'S JOE MONTANA 
                  			                	AM/INTL CH. ARTIKA'S VANISHING POINT 
                                 					 	CH. SILISTRA'S TRADEWIND 


                                  					 	CH. KAILA'S BACCARAT
                   				 	CH. KAILA'S SILENT SNOW
                                   					 	CH. KAILA'S KINDA KATTA
              				 Kaila's Rose of White Star 
                                   					 	AM/Can CH. SEKENES SILVER LINING 
                    					CH. SLED WAY JP'S WINTER ROSE 
                                   				                 	CH. KAVACHA'S GINGER OF SLEDWAYS 

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