Steelcrest's  Kiri Te  -  "Kiri"  

October 21, 1991  to  July 16, 2008


Bred by & co-owned with Carol R. Titus  -  Steelcrest Shibas

Thank you Carol for such a wonderful friend.

Kiri at 13+ years.  ~  Dec. 2004

Kiri at 16 waiting for breakfast

3-21-08 hanging out with Bubba Louie

Kiri sharing the dog bed with her buddy Venge  ~  1-8-08



 OFA# SHU-296E25F-T

 Elbows# SHU-EL12-T

Kiri Te was the resident watchdog.  She considered herself the leader of the  Siberians and kept  them all in line.  Kiri never cared much for the show ring, those little "red" dogs made her nervous.  She preferred  her Siberian friends over the Shibas.

How quickly the time passes.

Kiri doing the Shiba dance with Samiq.  1994



     Producer of:

      Karamad's Hakuna Matata -  "Kuna"

   Red Sesame  female  
   Foundation Stock
   DOB 10-21-91                                		
                   		   			Mitsuryu of Bingo Nakayama Sow
		    			Tetsuryu of Hikari Kaidasow
                                   		Kuokihime of Koukaida Sow 
                                   		Shishimaru of Hikumano
                    		CH. OYOME OF SEIKOEN
                                   		Kiyoichihime of Seikoen

  Steelcrest's Kire Te  
                                   		Hachioh of Ryokushinsow 
                    		Hachiohmaru of Seikoen 
                                   		Minoichihime of Seikoen
               Steelcrest's Taira 
                                   		Shishimaru of Hikumano
                    		Benihime of Seikoen 
                                   		Ayaichime of Seikoen





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