Loved and Missed



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Gone but never forgotten

Karamad's Sweet DragonHeart  -  Kodiak

Missed by Ralph and Anne Sbragia

Tribute to Kodiak

Memories of Kodiak (Karamad’s Sweet DragonHeart)
May 26, 2007 – November 22, 2013
Ralph has always been the dog lover, I was always the cat lover.  Then....I met Kodiak (Oso)  and he stole my heart. 
From day one he was an “attention magnet”.  Everywhere we went someone wanted to pet him, or say “OHHHH HOW
BEAUTIFUL”.   I loved going on walks with him.  He was my walking partner and made sure I walked my 10,000 steps daily
every day....rather, I ran the first 1/2 mile, then settled into a walk.  We were inseparable.
For over 6 years, we were blessed with this wonderful companion, my best friend, my “I WANT A COOKIE” monster.
Then suddenly, something was wrong.
He got sick so suddenly, there wasn’t time to say..”wait..can’t we do this?”   I saw my best friend go from my walking partner,
chasing cats, playing with his buddy Harshini.... to laying there, with no energy....blood in his urine.   We found out he had a bleeding tumor on his kidney and it spread to his lungs.    So fast.   We didn’t know!   He was fine, then.....he was gone.

Kodiak died November 22, 2013.  
My grief has been so intense.  Nothing has eased the pain of loosing Kodiak so young.  I miss him daily, cry myself to sleep
and wake up in the middle of the night remembering, he’s not there, then once again, crying as the realization hits once more.
They say, “Time heals”    But I don’t think time will ever heal this loss.
I loved you Kodiak....always will.











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