February 9, 2001  ~  August 12, 2011

Bred by Sherri Del Pozo & Jamesa Maulden  -  Syntari Siberians 

Missed by Chris and Helen Becan



Ally retired to sunny California.  

She was a very sweet natured easy going girl that got along with everyone.  She spent her final years with Chris and Helen Becan digging holes and going for walks.  Thank you Chris and Helen for providing Ally with such a great retirement. 



OFA: SH-15237G38F-PI

 SHOR#S 10699/07

Thyroid tested normal



Gray and white female
Blue eyes
		                   			CH. ROCKLAND'S STARR ATTRACTION 
                    		CH. SNOWFIRE'S HOT STUFF 
                                   			CH. SNOWFIRE'S CENTERFOLD 
           	             CH. SEEONEES VANISHING ACT
                                   			CH. KRISTARI'S JOE MONTANA 
                    		CH. ARTIKA'S VANISHING POINT 
                                   			CH. SILISTRA'S TRADEWIND    
                                   			CH. KONTOKI'S DENNIS THE MENACE 
                   			 CH. SYNTARI'S MR. GOODBAR
                                   					CH. HUSKAVARNA'S MINIMUM WAGE
               		CH SYNTARI'S TRICK OR TREAT	
	                                 				 CH RAINY NIGHT'S DEBUT OF SYNTARI
                    			CH SYNTARI'S SASHA DIAMOND
                                   					Wolfstar's Shamyr O Sahara  

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