Karamad's Sumiro RememBEAR When - "Joe-e"

TDI and Mercy certified Therapy dog



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Owned by Emilie and Jim Musci

Bred by Sherri Del Pozo, Nancy Sumida and Jamesa Maulden - Syntari

The image of her Mom, Joe-e is a beautiful girl with movement to match.  Joe-e hit the ring in June 2007 and did well.  She retired with 10 points including a major and is now living with our good friends Jim and Emile and canine cousins Blaze and Shadow.  She has settled in to her new home like she has lived there forever and has begun her training to be a therapy dog.  Up-dates on her progress will be posted.

Joey is enjoying her new life and her new job as a therapy dog.  She and her cousin Shadow and Emilie make a great team.

8-5-07 a major


 June 21, 2005


OFA: SH-16473E32F-PI:

SHOR# S10778/10


Gray and white female
Brown eyes
DOB: 2-10-05
                                        				CH. KONTOKI'S NATURAL SINNER
                   	     	 			CH KONTOKI'S ReincarNATE
                                        				CH KONTOKI'S HAKUNA MATATA
                 			Karamad's Natural Sunsation
                                        				CH KONTOKI'S 'N' BINGO WAS HIS NAME O
                    	     				CH KARAMAD'S KAYAK CAROUSEL O" TIME
                                       	 				CH. KARAMAD'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY
                                        				CH KARAMAD'S REDD RYDER
                             				CH. KARAMAD'S SUMIRO BEARHEART
                                        				CH. KARAMAD'S LADY IN BLEU
                       	 		CH KARAMAD'S BEARHUGS		
                                        				CH. SYNTARI'S MR. GOODBAR
                             				CH SYNTARI'S TRICK OR TREAT
                                        				CH SYNTARI'S SASHA DIAMOND

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