CH Sumiro's Out of the Woods - "Tiger"



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Owned and bred by Nancy Sumida - Sumiro Siberians & Sherri Del Pozo


Tiger is a real live wire, always on the go.

~ thanks to Ric Wee for this great photo

Tiger was awarded WD/BOW/BOS from open his first weekend out with the big boys 3-17-04

Thank you judge Rudy Munoz for this win and a special thank you to Lauren House for presenting our boy so beautifully.


2-4-07   Tiger is a Champion.  He was WD for that last point.

12-29-06  Tiger was WD/BOW for two more points.

Shown by Stephanie House

Tiger is now looking for 1 point to finish in 2007 !

11-26-06  Tiger was Mr. Vern Harvey's choice for WD from bred by for his second major.

shown by Nancy Sumida

11-27-06  Tiger was WD again for 2 more singles.

shown by Stephanie House


6-25-06  Tiger was Mr. Vince Mulligan's choice for WD for his first major.

way to go Steph and Tiger.

He was Mr. John Rowton's choice for WD/BOW 3-11-06

 Tiger was WD/BOS 5-29-05, piloted by Stephanie House

Thank you Judge Thomas Tracy

Tiger was Ms. Audrey Lycan's choice for WD/BOW/BOS for another point 6-11-05

Handled by Stephanie House

Photos taken 1-30-04


OFA:  SH-15843E25M-PI

SHOR# 10542/11-105





Gray and white male
1 blue eye 1 brown eye
                                        				CH. KONTOKI'S EIEIO 
                   	      				CH KONTOKI'S 'N' BINGO WAS HIS NAME O
                                        				Kontoki's Helen Wheels 
                                        				CH. NEECHEE'S SNOWFIRE DARKSHADOW 
                    	     				CH. KARAMAD'S SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY
                                        				CH. AMAHOK'S KINDRED SPIRIT 
   			CH Sumiro's Out of the Woods - "Tiger"            
                                        				CH KARAMAD'S REDD RYDER
                             				CH. KARAMAD'S SUMIRO BEARHEART
                                        				CH. KARAMAD'S LADY IN BLEU
                        			CH KARAMAD'S BEARHUGS
                                        				CH. SYNTARI'S MR. GOODBAR
                             				CH SYNTARI'S TRICK OR TREAT
                                        				CH SYNTARI'S SASHA DIAMOND

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